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Michael Brechbühl

Mike Brechbühl

Project Lead

Nicolas Vondru

Vision Lead

Dominic Burger

Technical Lead

We are a young game development studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland. All three of us graduated from the Digital Ideation program at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), where we learned a lot about the creation of games. Following our graduation in summer 2023, we collectively decided to continue the development of our game, ‘Meerkat Swiftrace’, which initially started as a Bachelor project under the name ‘Force Fiesta’.

Friends and Freelancers

We are more than happy to have some amazing people working with us. These are our current and past helping hands:

Till Bierich3D Character Art
Silvan Philipp3D Environment Art
Vanessa BuchmannWriter & 2D Artist
Kjartan AsgeirssonSplash- & Concept Art
Tuan NguyenCharacter Concept Art
Gian HerzogEnvironment Concept Art
Noah LüthiSoundFX
Marco StalderSoundtrack
Silas Bertschy

Sebastian Hollstein
Dominik Plassmann
Alessandra van Otterlo